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DeKalb, IL

Do you need better individual or group insurance in DeKalb, IL? You have convenient access to a skilled and knowledgeable resource close to home.

FNIC is an independent insurance agency in your neighborhood that provides health, home and auto insurance. We can work with the insurance company that has the best combination of coverage and price for your particular situation.

Our staff has years of experience and a detailed understanding of the marketplace. To protect your current and future assets, we can meet with you to assess risks and recommend the right combination of insurance and risk management.

Competitive Home Insurance in DeKalb, IL

Having the right home insurance is important for the residents of DeKalb. At FNIC, we will help you acquire the right coverage. We can also add extra protection for other valuables such as jewelry, furs, guns and antiques.

Through us, DeKalb clients have access to home insurance provided by highly rated companies such as Progressive, Travelers, Auto-Owners and Kingston Mutual.

Call (630) 552-3447 to speak with one of our professionals about the home insurance you need in DeKalb, IL.

Affordable Auto Insurance in DeKalb, IL

FNIC is ready to assist you in your search for new or improved auto insurance coverage. We can provide a thorough assessment of your driving situation and help you focus on the right coverage and policy.

As our DeKalb client, we’ll tell you about special discounts for certain criteria in our effort to lower your premium payment.

Our auto insurance policies for DeKalb are carried by reputable national insurance companies such as Westfield, Grinnell Mutual, Cincinnati and Hartford.

Call (630) 552-3447 to speak with one of our professionals about the auto insurance you need in DeKalb, IL.

Health Insurance Choices in DeKalb, IL

Your health and your family’s health is important, and both deserve quality insurance coverage. FNIC offers wide-ranging options for both group and individual health insurance.

Deductibles can range from $0 to $5,000. Other options can also include doctor’s office co-pays, prescription drug coverage and dental insurance.

Many of our plans are available through some of the nation’s most highly rated health insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and United Healthcare. Each has excellent claims service and looks to settle each claim quickly.

Call (630) 552-3447 to speak with one of our professionals about the health insurance you need in DeKalb, IL.

Locations and Hours in and near DeKalb, IL

Enjoy convenient access to insurance offices in DeKalb, Plano, Sandwich and Rockford. Appointments are available by request at (630) 552-3447.